What to pack and not to pack specifically for Egypt

Packing well for your trip to Egypt could save you a lot of hustle and make your trip 100 times better. I’m not talking about the basics that you already know. So, I won’t be telling you to pack your camera or enough underwear. Instead, I’m gonna list the things that you will need (or won’t need) specifically for your trip to Egypt.

Clothing Items

Your hat, Sun glasses and Sunscreen

What to pack for Egypt : a hat , sunscreen and sunglasses
Photo by julian obejas on Unsplash

It’s always sunny in Egypt. whether you’re visiting in The Winter or the Summer chances are you’ll be walking under the sun for most of your trip so get make sure you pack your essentials :

  • A light weight hat (preferably a one that you can fold) because you will be putting it on and off a lot.
  • A sun screen with high SPF
  • A good pair of sunglasses

A Swimsuit

  • It’s always a good time to take a swim somewhere in Egypt. If you’re heading for a resort by the Red Sea or the Mediterranean then it’s needless to mention that you’ll need your swimwear. However, even if you’re going on a Nile cruise, Most cruise ships and will have swimming pools, and if you decided to give Siwa Oasis a go you don’t want to miss floating in the salt lakes.

A Scarf

Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

A scarf is very useful in Egypt. Women need to cover their hair inside historical mosques, and there are a lot of those in Cairo. Although you can borrow one from the mosque itself, it’s better to bring your own. You don’t know how many people put on this borrowed scarf before plus yours will probably look prettier in pictures. A scarf will also come in handy for both men and women if you went for a safari in the desert. In addition, you can put it on if it gets chilly at night.

Winter Pajamas or a sweatshirt

Many hotels won’t have heating and you might feel cold at night. My British English teacher once told me she felt colder in Alexandria at night than in Manchester. Because we have no heating systems. So, bring a sweatshirt or winter pajamas for the nights.

Comfortable Shoes

If you’re here for the sightseeing then you’ll walk A LOT. We recommend you pack very comfortable running shoes/ sneakers for Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan. Sandals might work too but not in Cairo. The streets aren’t that clean and it’s better to get your feet covered or it’ll be covered in dust. I’d stay away from white and light colors shoes too as they’ll get dirty very quickly.

If you’re going for a beach vacation in a resort then pack beach shoes or flip-flops and any other kind of shoes you like. These places are usually very clean and you won’t be doing much walking anyway.

Meds, Toiletries, and personal care

Intestinal Antiseptic

Egyptian food is probably much spicier than you’re used to, and food poisoning among tourists is not uncommon so bring your favorite intestinal antiseptic just in case. If you don’t want to pack it though Antinal is a popular local and very cheap otc intestinal antiseptic that you can get from any pharmacy in Egypt.

toilet covers, toilet papers and Hand Sanitizer

Public toilets are not going to be your favorite thing in Egypt. They usually have no toilet paper. So, always keep your own with you along with toilet covers and hand sanitizers. You can of course skip packing these and get your own from any pharmacy or grocery store close to you.


Pads are more popular in Egypt and you might not find tampons so easily so bring your own with you if you prefer them.

Moisturizer and Chapstick

The weather in Egypt is dray and sunny so you will need to keep your skin and lips moisturized all the time.

Insect /Mosquito repellent

Because no one likes a mosquito bite! get yourself any kind of Insect repellent. They’re not dangerous or anything but who wants to keep itching on their vacation ?!

Other things to pack for Egypt

A Power Adapter and converter

Egypt uses 220 voltage system and European sockets. So, if you’re not from a country with those sockets you’ll need an adapter. Also make sure your devices can work on 220 volt power. Otherwise, you’ll need a power converter.

Your Student Card

You can get numerous discounts if you’re a student if you have student’s in your family. So, bring your student id so you don’t miss on those.

Don’t Pack these for Egypt

heavy clothes

Don’t pack heavy jackets or heavy clothes in general. the weather in Egypt ,even in the Winter, is pretty warm. Even at night, a scar, a cardigan or a sweatshirt will do.

Your Drone

Drones are not allowed in Egypt without government authorization. If you bring your drone it might get confiscated at the airport. If you’re a photographer and you really need them, try contacting a local photography agency they might help.

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