The Couple behind the screen

We Are
Shorouk & Mahmoud

A couple from Alexandria ,the beautiful city by the Mediterranean,  who love to travel ,taste different cultures,  try everything and always say YES. We stay in 5 stars resorts as well as small hostels, we eat street food and in fancy restaurants. 
Sometimes, we get scammed 😂  , others , we play it smart  .

This blog though, is not about our world adventures but our local ones! 

We started this blog because we wanted to show the world how beautiful Egypt is and to help you plan your trip to Egypt from a local perspective.

Mahmoud is an Electrical Engineer who’s obsessed with cats ,and all kind of animals really, and Shorouk is a  Software Developer who ,goes without saying, is a tech nerd and when she’s not being so lazy posts about it her geeky stuff here.

We both watch more Netflix than we’d like to admit and are always saving for the next trip